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Hey guys.My name is Precious Rose and this is my new blog.Its about my life and you guys can tell me what has happened in your life that is a tiny bit like what happened in my life.Just put it in the comment and i'll try to reply you. TTYL Bye

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Less blogs now :(

Hey guys.I know I have not been blogging for sometime now because I have been a bit busy.I don't get that much time to be blogging because my dad said I should be studying for secondary (I'm trying dad). I really want school to start cos I want to wear my uniform,see my locker and lots more.So back to the blog thing I will be putting new blogs on Tuesdays,Thursdays and maybe Saturdays.And I really need you guys to give me tips for secondary school cos I'm so scared so please please PLEASE comment to give me some tips.And I might not be putting up a post tomorrow but maybe this Saturday.Ok TTYL Bye!

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