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Hey guys.My name is Precious Rose and this is my new blog.Its about my life and you guys can tell me what has happened in your life that is a tiny bit like what happened in my life.Just put it in the comment and i'll try to reply you. TTYL Bye

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bad news

Hey guys.This is Precious Rose here.I know this is a bit late to put this up but an accident happened between mullingar and dublin.I forgot when but 4 people died in the car.And my friend and her mum was in that car with two other people.They were coming back from church around 5 to 6 in the morning and I think the one driving was sleeping(thats what i heard)and a jeep just crashed in to their car.The girl's dad was in nigria when it happened and her brothers were at home with someone for the whole night.Their car was a small silver car VS a big black jeep.As you can see in the picture the silver car is smashed to bits and the black jeep is crashed a bit so how is it possible??What I think what happened is a big truck was in the accident.I want you guys to comment and tell me what YOU think happened?R.I.P Ok TTYL Bye!!

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