Precious Rose World

Hey guys.My name is Precious Rose and this is my new blog.Its about my life and you guys can tell me what has happened in your life that is a tiny bit like what happened in my life.Just put it in the comment and i'll try to reply you. TTYL Bye

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

IM BACK!!!!!!!

Hey guys ...Sorry hi have not been blogging much its because no1 really commented or like so I felt I should shut it down..I'm going into 2nd year in a few days so I will try blog Friday,Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Shout outs

Hey it's Shout Out time!!

Shout Out to:my new friends in loreto (I don't know how to spell your names so in my next few blogs I will write it in) and my teachers in loreto.And oh yeah if bola bakare is there I want to tell her to leave me alone and stop texting me.I don't want to be your friend like not that hard.kk TTYL Bye!

No Comments

Hey it's Precious Rose here.And I really want to tell you guys that I want you guys to comment please I feel so sad when there is no comments.Oh well this blog will have to start small then 1 day it will be huge.(I hope so) kk TTYL Bye!


Hey guys. I want to say there is a YouTuber called iisuperwomanii or its just superwoman.I want to give a big shout out to her cos I love her videos she is funny,wonderful,beautiful and talented and I can go on and on but you guys might get bored.I just really want to ask you superwoman when are you coming to Mullingar in Ireland? Because I really want to see you. bye 1 love superwoman bye!P.S:She is on instergram and her name is iisuperwomanii.

(That's her)

Secondary school

Hey guys I'm so sorry i did not blog on Tuesday and Thursday or as I like to call it super Tuesday and super Thursday.I have started secondary school so I'm always busy and i have homework,ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!! That's so unfair :(. And I have so much homework AND I have school tomorrow.Yes that's right school on a Saturdays (well I kind of have a teacher who is coming to help me with maths and other stuff).I'm so happy because he is coming at 5pm or else I'll have to wake up at 11am or 12am.Kk TTYL Bye!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fav food

Hey guys.I want to know what your fav food is mine is chicken curry but I don't get to eat much of it.

(a)pizza,(b)chicken curry,(c)chips and fish or (d)other?

A quick shout out to Sinead and her brother Brock for giving me this idea 

Kk TTYL Bye!

Coming Soon

Hey guys it's Precious Rose and it's Saturday!!And on Tuesday I'm starting Secondary School!!! I'm so happy because I was so bored in the summer and had nothing to do. I know this is a short blog but TTYL Bye!