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Hey guys.My name is Precious Rose and this is my new blog.Its about my life and you guys can tell me what has happened in your life that is a tiny bit like what happened in my life.Just put it in the comment and i'll try to reply you. TTYL Bye

Friday, 29 August 2014

Shout outs

Hey it's Shout Out time!!

Shout Out to:my new friends in loreto (I don't know how to spell your names so in my next few blogs I will write it in) and my teachers in loreto.And oh yeah if bola bakare is there I want to tell her to leave me alone and stop texting me.I don't want to be your friend like not that hard.kk TTYL Bye!

No Comments

Hey it's Precious Rose here.And I really want to tell you guys that I want you guys to comment please I feel so sad when there is no comments.Oh well this blog will have to start small then 1 day it will be huge.(I hope so) kk TTYL Bye!


Hey guys. I want to say there is a YouTuber called iisuperwomanii or its just superwoman.I want to give a big shout out to her cos I love her videos she is funny,wonderful,beautiful and talented and I can go on and on but you guys might get bored.I just really want to ask you superwoman when are you coming to Mullingar in Ireland? Because I really want to see you. bye 1 love superwoman bye!P.S:She is on instergram and her name is iisuperwomanii.

(That's her)

Secondary school

Hey guys I'm so sorry i did not blog on Tuesday and Thursday or as I like to call it super Tuesday and super Thursday.I have started secondary school so I'm always busy and i have homework,ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!! That's so unfair :(. And I have so much homework AND I have school tomorrow.Yes that's right school on a Saturdays (well I kind of have a teacher who is coming to help me with maths and other stuff).I'm so happy because he is coming at 5pm or else I'll have to wake up at 11am or 12am.Kk TTYL Bye!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fav food

Hey guys.I want to know what your fav food is mine is chicken curry but I don't get to eat much of it.

(a)pizza,(b)chicken curry,(c)chips and fish or (d)other?

A quick shout out to Sinead and her brother Brock for giving me this idea 

Kk TTYL Bye!

Coming Soon

Hey guys it's Precious Rose and it's Saturday!!And on Tuesday I'm starting Secondary School!!! I'm so happy because I was so bored in the summer and had nothing to do. I know this is a short blog but TTYL Bye!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Less blogs now :(

Hey guys.I know I have not been blogging for sometime now because I have been a bit busy.I don't get that much time to be blogging because my dad said I should be studying for secondary (I'm trying dad). I really want school to start cos I want to wear my uniform,see my locker and lots more.So back to the blog thing I will be putting new blogs on Tuesdays,Thursdays and maybe Saturdays.And I really need you guys to give me tips for secondary school cos I'm so scared so please please PLEASE comment to give me some tips.And I might not be putting up a post tomorrow but maybe this Saturday.Ok TTYL Bye!

Monday, 11 August 2014

No Comments :(

Hey guys.I just want to say that I really want you guys to comment.So please please please comment so you can be in the Shout Out!!!Just comment and don't be shy :).Ok TTYL Bye

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Your Pets

Yo how's it going?Precious Rose here.I want to talk to you guys about your pets.

Their was 2 friends called Josh and Fred.Both of them asked their mums can they get a dog.So Josh mum drove them to the pet shop.Josh picked a lovely black dog and Fred picked a ginger dog.Josh named his dog Spot and Fred named his his dog Ginger.So the 2 boys went home with their dogs.They had to give their pets a bed so Josh gave Spot a big box and a smelly blanket while Fred gave Ginger a dog house with a nice soft blanket.They also had to get some food for their pets Josh got Spot chips,carrots and coke while Fred got Ginger some dog food and a fresh bowl of water.And they need to play as well so Josh gave Spot a string and Fred got Ginger a ball and went to the park to play.So the 2 friends met 1 day.'Hey...Spot is not happy and he is lazy and does not eat' said Josh.'Well Ginger is perfect he eats,plays and sleeps well,I see you later,said Fred.Josh looked over the fence and saw what Fred had done,so he done the same and their pets were happy.                                                                                                                   THE END

So please please take care of you pet.And comment about your pet and they will be in the Shout Outs!!Ok TTYL Bye!!

 HAPPY DOG                                                                              SAD DOG

More Shout Outs

Hey hey hey!!I have more shout outs because my friend Jake said:What   about   me??????????????????????:so the first shout out is to: 

My brother Wisdom

My friends:Jack,Shone,Krista,Patricija,James,Neo,Sinead,Brock,My Aunty Nicola,Tomelo and Leah 

If you want to be in the Shout Out please comment and you will be in the Shout Outs!!!!!!Well TTYL Bye!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Breaking News

Hey guys I have some 'Breaking News' I forgot to tell you guys that I have some friends that have a blog too.Their blogs are:

Check out their blogs please,I know they will be happy.OK I'll TTYL Bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Shout outs

Hey guys I want to give shout outs to:

My mum for always being there for me

My dad for letting me use his laptop

and my Uncle Amaka in Turkey!!!

And I'll be giving shout outs to the people who comment and I want to thank the people who have been checking my blog out.Ok TTYL Bye!!


Hey guys.I'm so bored and don't know what to blog about!!!!!So you guys can tell me what to blog about please please comment and tell me what to blog about so TTLY Bye!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

New School

Hey Hey Hey,how you doing?I'm going to secondary school soon. AHHHHHHH!!!! I'm a bit scared,ok a lot.It's just it's a new school,new teachers,uniforms,lockers,new stuff to learn(don't mind that) and worst of all I HAVE TO LEARN MORE IRISH NOOOOO!! I just hate irish every in my 6th class hate irish but one person loves irish(because she loves irish and is good at it).Her name is N_________.I'm sorry I can't say her name without her knowing and her dad is a teacher so she is lucky because she can ask her dad stuff about homework.I want to give a shout out to my old friends in 2013-2014 and 2012-2013(sorry if I spelled your name wrong and I left some out because i forgot how to spell it.soz)

:Nife,Brenden,Tito,Eillean,Mina,Amy,Chantel,Megan Mc, Jade,Hannah,Abby,Nourhan(who was my close friend)

I running out of time so I'll write it in my next blog.Please please please comment,TTYL Bye!

Good news

Hey guys I have Good news.My dad might let me use his laptop(hurray thanks dad)for some time for my blogs.And I have to be very very VERY careful not to break it.Have this every happened to you?That you ask you mum or dad for something that your not sure they will give you like their phone or laptop and they give you it.I was so happy when I got the laptop.Oh I gtg I have some visitors.Well TTYL Bye!!!

Last Day

Hey guys.So this might be the last day of my blog because my laptop is broken.My dad said i might get a new laptop soon(it might take like 2 or 3 months)but i promise you guys I will get more blogs (well I'll try).I have been doing my blogs in a computer class so...oh I gtg because my dad is here so TTYL Bye!!

ariana grande

Hey guys.I want to know who loves Ariana grande?I love her song 'Baby I'. What is your fav song?And who is your fav singer?I want you guys to tell me who you like more. (a)Ariana Grande (b)Little Mix (c)Jessie J (d)Victoria Justice. I don't have a fav but you guys can tell me.And please please please comment.Well I know this is a small blog so TTYL Bye!!

Smart Cats

Hey guys.I want to ask you guys do you have a cat?And can they use the toilet?You must be shocked but it true a lot of cats can use the bathroom.I find that a bit weird,like if you need to go to the bathroom your cat is there already.Do you want a cat that always use your bath room or a cat that can go out and do what they want.I don't know that much about cats but they can jump very high some use the bathroom.I want you guys to tell me what you know about cats and if you have a cat whats their name and what do they like?Well at least you don't have a cat that will be holding their pee. Ok that's all I have to say so TTYL Bye!!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bad news

Hey guys.This is Precious Rose here.I know this is a bit late to put this up but an accident happened between mullingar and dublin.I forgot when but 4 people died in the car.And my friend and her mum was in that car with two other people.They were coming back from church around 5 to 6 in the morning and I think the one driving was sleeping(thats what i heard)and a jeep just crashed in to their car.The girl's dad was in nigria when it happened and her brothers were at home with someone for the whole night.Their car was a small silver car VS a big black jeep.As you can see in the picture the silver car is smashed to bits and the black jeep is crashed a bit so how is it possible??What I think what happened is a big truck was in the accident.I want you guys to comment and tell me what YOU think happened?R.I.P Ok TTYL Bye!!

Little brothers and sisters

Hey guys.This is Precious Rose i have have some more blogs for you guys to see.Yesterday was a good day for me.My brother came back from hospital,YAY.I know most of you guys might have a younger brother and sister.And sometimes they just get on your nerves and you just wish they go away.But be careful what you wish for because one day when you wish for them to go they might get sick,get kidnapped or worse.And in that moment you get so scared and angry and then you start putting the blame on your head.So next time when your brother or sister gets on your nerves,just pretend their not there or go to your room.But sometimes they can be a fun,little brother or sister. OK TTYL.Bye!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New Blog

Hey I have just started a new blog called 'Precious Rose World.My name is Precious Rose. This is about my life and how it's going. And you can tell me about your life too.So it will take me some time for the blog to grow so you guys can help me I'll TTYL.Bye!